Mar 31, 2011

The Story I will never forget

                  This is a story I would never ever forget in life...It's difficult to recollect when I heard this one, but I clearly remember each & every word told to me in this story by my Dad...

This happened when I got a new pair of jeans. It was around  Rs.1900 . I showed it to everyone at home, that time my dad asked me its cost. I replied saying, "it's just Rs. 1900/-", to which he said , "Just 1900??? Let me tell you a story" and then he started with it.

         He continued with, “When I was in school, we had an option to wear either full pants or shorts after 6th standard, but I never got one till 8th. One fine day I was very angry after I realized that almost everyone in my class wears a full pant. So that day I went to my dad’s (my grandfather’s) shop and demanded that even I want trousers for my school. He told me that he would get it for me next year, but I did not agree. Then he told me he would get it to me in Diwali but again I was adamant.

         Finally after losing all hopes he gave in to my demand and agreed to buy new trousers for me. After his work hours, we went to some of my dad’s client’s office where he told me to wait outside and went in to have a word with him. I was very curious to know what he was talking and so I tried to listen. I could hear him saying these words ‘Mohan’ please lend me 100 rupees. My son is demanding for trousers for his school uniform and I want to buy him one today. I would return it to you soon. The client gave him the amount saying Sir you don’t have to ask me, you can demand me anytime’
So then my dad came out and told me ’Let’s go and buy trousers for you’. However, after hearing those words, I gave up my demand. I couldn’t see my dad asking for money just to fulfill a small wish. So I just told him that I don’t want it now, will buy it in Diwali. To this my dad was amazed. He surprisingly told me ‘Just now you were so stubborn about it and now what happened? But I was like now I don’t want it, will buy one in Diwali.

        That very day I decided that I would earn a lot of money and keep him happy, and from that day itself I worked towards my goal. Today you can buy jeans worth only 1900 bucks coz of that. It’s not that I have any objection with you buying expensive things but have one such goal in life so that your children would be able buy jeans worth only 10000 bucks. And by the way, that’s a nice jeans’ saying so he ended the story.
         Those words touched me a lot and I was moved. That day onwards I admire both my grandfather as well as my dad more than I did before. And even I made up my mind to be successful in whatever I do.
 And btw I still wear that jeans ;                              

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